Hello and Welcome!


What made you decide to embrace your curls? What frustrations have you had when it comes to them? Have you always worn your natural curls, or are you transitioning back to natural? Well, regardless of your answers, We are so honored that you have chosen “Unleashed” to accompany you along your natural hair journey. 


Here at Unleashed we cater to individuals who wear their hair curly more than 90% of the time, or desire to. We aren’t totally against a good ole occasional flatiron or blow out, but have come to find that when the hair is worn this way too often, the probability of heat damage is high. Having your curls cut into a shape will encourage you to wear it curly more often (if you don’t already do so). 


As a New Client, the service you’ll start with, is our “New Client Curl Cut”. Whether it has been over a year since your last haircut, or maybe it has been 2 months since your last haircut. Being that it is your first time visiting us, it is important that we establish a shape with your curls that will allow them to compliment your unique style. Feel free to add a color service as well, but please do not book a color or highlighting service solely if you are a new client. This is how important the curly haircut is when it comes to your natural hair journey.


This service will also allow us plenty of time to chat with you about what you desire most concerning your curls. We encourage you to research different curly hair shapes, and to arrive with at least 2-3 inspirational pictures that’ll give us a bit of an idea of what you would like done. This will also allow us to have a place to start. When clients come for the first time and say, “I have no idea how I want my curls cut, you’re the professional...”, makes it difficult for us as professionals to know where to start. For example when you go to a doctors appointment, it helps to explain what symptoms you’ve been experiencing which will then help your doctor to properly diagnose you. Just imagine how hard it would be for your doctor if they enter the room and asked “How can I help you today” and you say “Well doc, I don’t know… you’re the doctor.”


So begin to think about questions like these… “Do you want a major change from long to short?”, “Do you want to grow your hair long?”, “Do you like short layers?” Being that we are just meeting you and we are beginning this new journey with you, knowing the answers to these questions will allow for a strong start in our Curly Hair relationship with you. 


At “Unleashed'' you are not just a number. We appreciate each one of our clients beyond words. We have found that, unfortunately, the natural curly hair community have usually been through very traumatic experiences when it comes to their curls. Which is why we make sure to take the time needed to ensure you feel comfortable during your time with us. Please rest assured that we are aware of the dreaded unwanted “BIG CHOP”! We respect our clients and would never cut more than what you are comfortable with. 


The main goal during your appointment is to educate you about how to maintain your curls with a proper in salon schedule that will in turn support and simplify your at home regimen. We will discuss products that will work best for your hair. It is important to us that our clients leave the rat race of spending unnecessary money trying to find the perfect products that will work for their hair. If you are already using products that work perfectly for you, then GREAT! If not, be ready to make the investment. Trust me, this is a headache that you won't miss! We strive to carry everything that you will need. 


Healthy hair, whether straight, wavy, or curly. Whether Afro, bi-racial, or European textured… all need to be cut every 8-12 weeks. Doing so will keep those frustrating tangled split ends away, and will ensure that your curls maintain their stylish shape. 

If you have any questions please feel free to call us at 614-530-0856 or email us at alekapooe@unleashedcurlsalon.com.


Hope to see you soon!




Aleka Michelle