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Curl Prep Instructions

It is important to be thoroughly prepared for your appointment and know what to expect. Please make sure to follow our instructions as this plays an important role on how your curls turn out on the day of your appointment. If you give us the time we need to educate you and to provide the services your curls need, the results will be worth it! 

(If you fail to follow these instructions, you will be asked to reschedule your appointment and will be charged the remaining balance due.)


Please arrive with...

Clean Curls, free of leave in conditioner, styling products, butters, and oils.

Thoroughly Detangled Curls (If your stylist has time to detangle, an additional fee will be incurred, if your stylist does not have extra time to “Detangle” your appointment will have to be rescheduled and the remaining balance will be charged to the CC on file). 

***Using only a wide tooth comb or finger detangling will not thoroughly detangle your curls.***

Curls must be COMPLETELY DRY. Do NOT arrive with wet or damp curls. (If stylist has to dry your curls an extra fee will be incurred)

Do not use any ponytail holders, headbands, hats, hair clips, etc prior to service.

Do not braid, twist, or stretch your curls in anyway.

Do not brush, or comb out your curls once they are dry.

Bring 2-3 inspirational pictures of how you would like your curls cut or colored.

We understand that the majority of our clients booking the "New Client Curl Cut" may not have had a haircut in a long time. Thus they're arriving with tangled, velcro like split ends. As salon professionals, working with split ends and working with completely tangled-up hair, are two completely different things. We just ask that you follow our curl prep instructions to the very best of your ability. This policy was put in place to help prevent client's from arriving who haven't shampooed or detangled their curls in weeks. (Which use to happen quite regularly, which would prevent us from being able to provide a timely and thorough Curl Cut). 

We Thank You in advance!

Please call us at 614-824-4090

if you have any additional questions.